• Hoo Doo (Native Drum Music)
  • Sola (Native Drum Music)
  • Solo (Native Drum Music)
  • The Green Eyed Keeper (Native Drum Music)
  • Indira(Muzak/ENJA)
  • Circa (ECM)
  • The Evidence of Things Unseen (MA)
  • Brooklyn Waters (Telepathy Records)
  • Pfhew (MA)
  • Strange Omen (Candid)
  • What Means This? (Candid)
  • Selected Signs 1, an anthology (ECM)

  • Jack DeJohnette
    Oneness (ECM)
    Dancing With Nature Spirits (ECM)
    Music for the Fifth World (Blue Note)
    Extra Special Edition (Blue Note)
    Earthwalk (Blue Note)
    Rarum Xiv(ECM)
  • Me'Shell N'DegeOcello
    Spirit Music Sextet Jamia/Dance of the Infidels (Universal France)

    Cookie: the Anthropological Mixtape (Maverick)
  • Ravi Coltrane
    Moving Pictures (BMG France)
  • Steps Ahead
    Vibe (NYC Records)
  • Robin Eubanks
    Get 2 it (RE)
    Mental Images (JMT Records)
    JJ/Slide/Curtis and Al (TCB)
  • Greg Osby
    Mantalk for Moderns Vol. 10 (Blue Note)
  • Ron Blake
    Sonic Tonic
  • Malika Zarra
    Berber Taxi
  • Lettuce
    Live in Tokyo
  • Brian Landrus
  • Stevvi Alexander
    The East Side Psalmbook
  • Pheeroan akLaff
    Global Mantras (Modern masters)
    Hang Pinochet (Modern masters)
  • Marty Ehrlich
    New York Child (Enja)
  • Anthony Cox
    Dark Metals (Minor Music)
    Factor of Faces (Minor Music)
  • Bruce Saunders
    Forget Everything (Moo Records)
  • James Newton
    If Love (Delta Records)
  • Gerald Wilson
    Jenna (Discovery)
  • Hollins Steele
    Songs from Vanderbilt Avenue (The Steele factory)
  • Kip Hanrahan
    A Thousand Nights and a Night, Red Night (American Clave)
    A Thousand Nights and a Night, Blue Night (American Clave)
    Shadow Nights 1&2 (American Clave)
  • Gary Thomas
    Kold Kage (JMT)
  • Bob Beldon
    When Doves Cry (Blue Note)
  • Gunter Wehinger
    Cry Flute (Pao/Verve)
  • Eric Persons
    Arrival (Black Saint)
  • Lonnie Plaxico
    Iridescence (Muse)
    Short Takes (Muse)
  • Noreaga
    Melvin Flynt Da Hustler (Tommy Boy)
  • Mya
    Fear of Flying (Warner Brothers)